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Patient Driven

We believe in developing treatment plans that are customized to each and every patient. Our dermatology team starts by understanding your personal values, concerns, lifestyle, and goals to develop a treatment plan uniquely designed for you.

First Class Service

We provide the highest standard of safety and personalized care to help you achieve your skin goals. This means offering treatment plans that are non-invasive with minimal recovery time and discomfort, while also achieving immediate results.

Commitment to Excellence

The field of aesthetic medicine is evolving quickly, and we’re committed to remaining at its forefront. This means, our highly-trained and certified medical professionals continue to stay relevant and up to date with safe skin treatments, using only leading-edge technologies and medically approved products.

Our Values Are Our Actions

Prior to Preventum Skin MD, Dr. Farahani founded Preventum Personalized Health in 2014 with a focus on individualized patient-centered health. His philosophy is to provide clients with options and education that allow them to take control of their own body.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and is susceptible to a large number of illnesses, symptoms, and cancer. Dr. Farahani and his wife Jennie Farahani saw the need for Preventum Skin MD, a dermatology clinic that provides patients with convenient access to full-body skin cancer screening, and cosmetic procedures to restore the skin to its optimal health.

Preventum Skin MD is not an enhancing clinic. Dr. Farahani says, “We are not interested in making you look like a Hollywood celebrity or making you look like you’re 19. We simply want you to feel good in and outside your skin.”

Both Preventum Health, and Preventum Skin MD is located in the Dunbar neighborhood, which is not only where they work, but also where they live, and where their kids go to school. Dr.Farahani is committed to investing in his local community by providing convenience to health care without compromising on quality.

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